Osteopathy Insurance in Canada

Achieving your goal to become an Osteopathic Manual Practitioner in Canada is hard work. Your commitment and perseverance has paid off when you finally get your diploma as a fully qualified Osteopath. Let us help you protect your business and your reputation. Our professional and dedicated team can help you understand the benefits of having the best Osteopathy insurance coverage.

We are proud to have positive working relationships with the colleges providing Osteopathy training across Canada. Our policy has been approved by the Osteopathy colleges.

The application process is SIMPLE.

The coverage is COMPREHENSIVE.

The policy is specially designed for YOU.

Our unique ability to provide more than 300 additional modalities for no extra charge (in most cases) is exclusive to Lackner McLennan Insurance. If you are also an RMT and wish to have a combined Osteopathy and RMT policy, we have a special rate for you. Just email your request to info@iNeedaPolicy.com for a reply. We also offer extra coverages for no charge such as coverage for loss of income, theft of cash, and business interruption.

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