Wellness Clinic

We understand the unique culture of your field of practice and the associated hazards of running this type of business.

Through our extensive research we have created a special program, providing comprehensive coverage under a single policy.

Business Interruption is a necessity. In the event of even the smallest fire a studio could be shut down for days or weeks. This coverage will provide for your ongoing expenses as well as lost income.

Contents (and building) coverage can climb into the thousands for a small studio. Adequate coverage to protect your investment is essential. Program Extensions are well designed to add additional coverage to round out your program.

LMI Canada is pleased to bring you an exclusive Professional Liability and business owners Insurance program. We have been providing professional liability to alternative healthcare practitioners for over 15 years. We understand the importance of providing you with quality insurance at affordable prices.

Professional liability is the cornerstone of our program.

This coverage is written on an “Occurrence Form” to give you lifetime protection for claims made against you. This coverage has also been extended to include “Owners Protective Professional Liability” and will insure the studio, its owners, employees, subcontractors and volunteers.

Commercial General Liability is the most common form of liability and accounts for the majority of liability claims. Even if a client falls and is injured on the property that you rent you may be held accountable.

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